For Patients

What do I need to do to prepare for my surgery next month? What revalidation exercises did the doctor prescribe? How do I keep my family, GP, nurse, a.o. informed?
Information is the key to the best recovery. That is why hospitals work with LynxCare to limit the administrative work to provide you with the information you need at the point of care.

A snapshot of information made available to you:

Interactive video’s demonstrating revalidation exercises

Medical details about your surgery

Keep your physician up to date about your recorvery

Interactive agenda that highlights all to-do’s before and after surgery

Share content with family, your GP, nurse and others relevant to your recovery

The LYNX CareCard

You’ll receive the Lynx CareCard™ from your doctor or hospital. Use the card to log on to the portal. There you will get an overview of your medical situation, the trajectory of your treatment and information on post-surgery care. You will find the answers to questions such as:

  • Which prosthetic has been implanted?
  • What is my medical information?
  • How can I prepare for my surgery?
  • How do I prepare for postoperative care and revalidation?


Four out of ten patients have difficulties understanding what their doctor tells them. For this reason, we created a customized treatment trajectory in collaboration with your treating physicians and care providers. Using this pathway, you will receive more information concerning a your treatment as well as a clear step-by-step plan of what’s required before, during and after the treatment/therapy. This way, we intend to provide better information for patients in order to improve the quality of care.


Efficient communication and follow-up is key to your recovery. Capturing your experience is important to timely adjust your trajectory and improve care for other patients after you. Using LynxCare you will be able to keep your doctor up to date via questions like:

  • Are you experiencing any more trouble or pain?
  • Can you move fluently?
  • How is your digestion?
  • Among others …

Based on the answers you provide, doctors and caregivers can better follow up on your recovery.


Using the Lynx CareCard you can access medical information concerning your surgery. This way, you always have this information available in a handy format, anywhere, anytime. This also allows you to securely share this information with specific persons like your GP, nurse or family. Information is not shared by default, only you decide who sees what information at what time.
An example of medical information are the prosthesis details of the device that was implanted, or the revalidation protocol you can share with your physiotherapist. All of this is done in complete confidentiality between you, your doctor and persons you trust.

Chronical patient

Your wonderful staff managed to reconstruct my rather complex medical background. Eight brain surgeries implies a lot of paperwork… Thanks again for helping me through this challenging and painful time of recovery. Lynxcare has meant more than I can ever express. Your team are simply the best professionals.