Overcoming hurdles
in clinical data capture

LynxCare AI Engine


25% of a clinician’s time is spent on administration. Due to the increased pressure of clinical & patient reported outcome data collection for registries, payors,… the ratio administration/physician is now at an all time high of 9/1. That is why LynxCare built breakthrough clinical NLP & AI technology to mine clinical outcomes directly from medical files and to automate extraction and coding of medical concepts from source data. This produces an enriched clinical database that is being used today for:

● Individual patient follow-up after procedures and therapy
● Population insights for care process optimization
● Demonstrating superior outcomes (center of excellence)
● Clinical research

icons-03Automated Registration

Automated coding from source data to SNOMED/ICD-10 avoids double data entry. Automated extraction of quality indicators (ICHOM, ao.) from source data to registries saves time and money!

icons-07Enriched clinical database

Independent of the HIS, EPD, demographic and clinical data (e.g. medication, comorbidities) are automatically extracted from source records eliminating the need of double data entry!


Real-time insights

Visualisation of the extracted data allows early recognition of variation and unanticipated events. Leverage clinical and patient reported outcomes for quality, research and internal optimalisation.



Our text mining engine is data standard “agnostic” meaning we can process every kind of datastructure. On the other hand we have HL7 protocols to receive & send information back to the EMR to complete the patient record with structured/coded data

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  • Which is the optimal patient pathway for patient population X?
  • How can I track my key quality indicators in real time (individual/patient population)?
  • How did we perform the last 5 years (surgical outcomes)?
  • How do we measure the quality of ongoing/new patient pathways?
  • How can we demonstrate our superior quality?
  • How can we collect & analyse medical data without increasing our administrative workload?

Short overview of our solution:


    Independent of the HIS, EPD, your data are being mined automatically with a high accuracy.

  • Automated Coding and insights

    Real-time insights into patients’ history using hidden (unstructured) data in the medical records.

  • Self-learning system

    Machine learning for constant improvement, user specific learning and coding optimalization.

  • Customized

    Customized to the need of a medical coding department.

clinical research coordinator

“Having experienced the difficulty of manual data collection & long term patient follow up we directly saw the amazing value LynxCare could bring to our department. Having worked several months with LynxCare we almost forget that we are constantly collecting structured clinical data, that is how great the product is.”


LynxCare Clinical Informatics was founded by Dries Hens (MD, CMO) and Georges De Feu (Pharm. D., CEO). LynxCare is a cloud-based platform that monitors both clinical and patient reported outcomes continuously for a hospital department. We use artificial intelligence to decrease the burden of manual data collection and documentation of clinical outcomes. We also provide efficient Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures System and Patient Education tools to measure patients’ experiences and optimize their adherence to care pathways. Interested in LynxCare, contact our US team.

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Elke De Witte

Elke De Witte, PhD has a background in clinical outcome research. She is passionate about efficient patient follow-up. Elke is leading the US Bus Dev team. Send me an email

Dries Hens is a medical doctor and co-founder of LynxCare. Data driven optimization of healthcare is his mission. Send me an email

How to combine clinical outcomes with patient-reported outcomes?

Enriched clinical database

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