Measuring quality and improving outcomes is often seen as a burden. Collecting and processing information, formatting in visualisations that are relevant to doctors and patients, translating these in quality metrics, and using those to improve outcomes…
The Lynx CareMonitor® fully automates this process, customized to your hospital, your physicians, your treatments and your patients.
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Brief overview of the Lynx CareMonitor®:

Derive clinical insights directly from source medical records

Track key parameters relevant to your hospital, surgeons, specialties and treatments

Automate patient follow-up before and after surgery (plan follow-up consultations, informed consent, SMS reminders, ea. )

Customized for your hospital, department, practise, specialties, procedures and patients


The Lynx CareMonitor® – your digital data nurse

Clinical practice efficiency


Remote & inhouse monitoring of PROMs

  • Entirely customised and branded to the hospital
  • Customised LynxCare webkey
  • E-mail/text message reminder at home for remote monitoring
  • Lynxcare kiosk (touch-screen) at the hospital
  • Combining PROMs with electronic clinical data
  • Independent of any patient / EHR portal
  • No administrative burden


Using SAS Tools™ we transform medical data and other sources into clinical insights.

We provide customized real time analytics based on ECD + PRO data to provide physicians and hospitals with data insights for

  1. Outpatient follow up
  2. Clinical research
  3. Quality indicators benchmark
  4. Optimise internal processes.

This data visualisation is directly attached to the clinical database, resulting in real-time insights for the doctors and hospital management, allowing for the investigation of divergent parameters.


For a center of excellence, creating a clinical enriched database is crucial. This often implies more registration which leads to an administrative burden to the department/hospital. Lynxcare and its doctors operate like a lab for medical records. Using artificial intelligence and internal medically educated staff, we provide a time- and cost-efficient way to process these medical records and transform them into insights to publish quality indicators , research and demonstrate high quality care- without any issues of integration into existing hospital software.

Automated coding of :

  • ICD–10


Four out of ten patients doesn’t understand what doctors tell them during consultations. To ensure that the patient and his/her caretakers always have the right information available, the doctors of Lynxcare develop custom treatment trajectories in collaboration with the department/hospital.

This dynamic trajectory allows for an optimal information policy and engages the patient before, during and after a treatment.

In accordance with the hospital, Lynxcare visualises medical information to the patient to ensure a transparent data policy and an optimal patient experience (for example the details of an implanted prosthetic/device).


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    Integration by design
    Integrated and implemented in a few days time!

  • Multi-lingual
    Both text mining and patient follow-up tools are multilingual by design.

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    Flexible PROM’s
    New questionnaires, groups, … are created on-the-fly.

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    Information is automatically adjusted depending on the patient’s context.

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    On-the-fly insights in summary information about a patient and the population.

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    Alerts & notifications
    Custom, built-in, alerts and notifications guarantee maximal patient compliance.

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    Treatment trajectory
    A custom agenda guides your patient through all pre and post surgery procedures.

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    User management
    Enable patients and multiple care providers to work collaboratively, both intra and extra muros!

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    Customization by design
    All content is customized to the hospital, department, physicians and procedures.

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    Security by design
    Two-factor authentication, secure transfer & hosting of information.

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    Managed computing power
    Fast analytics, security and uptime guarantees.

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    Medical expertise
    LynxCare is run by physicians and pharmacists, their expertise is key to implementing efficiency.

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